Frequently asked questions

Much depends on the person’s prior record and the speed involved. In the worst cases, a jail sentence is possible, in addition to a license suspension. In less serious cases, often the charge can be reduced. In some cases, the charge can be dismissed upon completion of an approved defensive driving school course.

No! It is unethical for an attorney to promise or guarantee a particular outcome. What the attorney can promise is his best efforts.

Yes. You will be legally barred from owning, transporting, or handling a firearm.

In Virginia, if you were acquitted or if the charge was otherwise dismissed without you entering a plea of guilty, you are eligible to ask the circuit court to expunge your record, which means that even the arrest will be removed.

Yes. For example, if you are convicted of several offenses within certain time periods, even if the court does not suspend your license, the DMV can, and must in certain circumstances, suspend your license.

There are too many variables (your record, the facts of the offense, etc.) to quote a set fee for particular offenses. Therefore, I don’t charge for initial telephone or in person consultations for traffic and criminal offenses. After I learn the facts, I can then quote a fee which will be a fixed fee.

Yes, in family law cases I do charge an initial consultation fee of $125.00 for a 45-minute consultation. Thereafter, I charge an hourly rate.

If you were convicted of a felony in a Virginia state court, then you may be able to have your gun rights restored it you have had your civil rights restored by a circuit court.

First, by limiting one’s practice to a few discreet areas. The days when Abraham Lincoln was the best criminal lawyer and best corporate lawyer in Illinois are over. This is why Mr. Porter limits his practice to domestic relations, traffic, and criminal law. Additionally, Mr. Porter attends continuing legal education seminars each year, and reads the opinions of the Virginia appellate courts each month to remain current with the law.